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Service and Maintaince


All for $150.00
Call now: 352-396-4932

Why request our services and maintaince?

Keeping your current water filtration system in good condition is important. This allows you to protect your family and your investment, saving you time and money (Protects expensive appliances, lowers energy costs, less soap, less shampoo, less detergent and less cleaning supplies). We have many years of experience in our work, we are up to date with the latest solutions to your problems and we train every year to give you the best service and the best advice.

According to your water conditioning system, our service includes:
  • Clean injectors

  • Clean brine tank

  • Make sure the schedule is correct

  • Add salt

  • Check the PSI of the tank in reverse osmosis

  • Analyze the pH of water, hardness, chlorine, iron and TDS.

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