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Peroxide Or Chlorinator Filtration Systems


Well water often contains iron, which can stain plumbing fixtures, bathtubs, shower walls and doors. Iron can also stain sidewalks, driveways and add a metallic taste to your water. Hydrogen sulfide may also be present, resulting in a "rotten egg smell" or sulfur odors. Manganese can also be a problem, leaving blackheads in plumbing fixtures. In addition, well water may also contain bacteria and other viruses. To fix these and more problems, we offer you the option: Well Water Treatment Using Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine, Crabon Filter and water softener.

How it works

This system includes:

  • Chemical feed pump.

  • 15 gallon solution tank.

  • Flow switch for automatic operation.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Or Chlorine for disinfection.

  • Contact tank.

  • Carbon filter.

  • Water softener.

  • Brine tank.

The Home Water Treatment Plant is made to order, based on your water report. We will be happy to test your water and provide a full water quality analysis of your water.


For more information contact us.

  • Chemical feed is automatic, so no chemical is being used unless there is water flow. 

  • Disinfection is provided by the Hydrogen Peroxide.

  • The chemical is removed by the carbon filter.

  • Water is processed by the Water Softener.

  • Clean Water to the house.

Benefits and advantages
  • No more Sulphur.

  • No more E-Coli/ Coliform Bacteria.

  • No more Rotten smell.

  • No more Iron.

  • No more Sulphur.

  • No more Hard Water.

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